June 2006

I’ve been worrying about some of our finances getting into arrears…but walking home I just thought, what can they do today? send me a letter, phone maybe…

There is a lovely smell in the air today, it reminds me of a suncream my Nan used to use when I was about 10!

It’s just dawned on me that there feels to be lack of space for creativity in the city. Quite a strange sensation.

Growing up here, with all the alternative scenes and students and colourfulness is part of why I like so much colour and busyness…so when I am anywhere else I am filled with ideas and desire to let decoration and creation bubble out of my hands. 
Here, I see how full the streets are and I want to sweep big clean spaces instead.

Though I loved the feelings and amazing things that came out of T-shirt painting for Zak’s Birthday party…making space for everyone to let their ideas and images to spill into was lovely.


I’ve had quite an internetty day today. 

The sun is just disappearing behind the tree in the garden so I am sitting in cooling dappled light. 

I woke up incredibly happy this morning, unreasonably happy, and have had a lovely day because of it. Zak has had a friend playing all day, I’ve nothing urgent to do…quite lovely. Sun always helps.

Tomorrow it’s back to the school run in the morning. After a week of lay-ins it might be a bit of a shock to the system, but the sun is supposed to keep shining for a few days, so maybe I can come home and snooze in the garden.

This house has a really big back door and it’s lovely to sit with it open all day.

These all seem like really silly random things to note down.


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