June 2016


I am not important
Reality is not important
The story is not important
except in the way
That it is God

I sit still in its net
I set its lens silent in
Test it
List in it
Nest in its stillness.

Dress in Dragonflies

This beautiful shoot came about when two lovely daughters bought their mum (P) her dream 50th Birthday gift!:D
There’s a heap of pictures in this gallery, kindly shared by P and photographer Helen, to give a great idea of what happens at a shoot:)

The brief: Dragonflies as the theme and a palette of  ‘deep turquoises, blues, stunning greens and teal colours….
The full story and gallery here:

Photography by Helen of Masque Photography

Incomplete God

We can only see
That which we know we are
As incomplete our knowledge of ourself is
So our imaginings of the other
Is incomplete.

And as limited as we are
So is our world
Our universe
& our God.

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