April 2010

Twisted Rainbow

There's a crack in my vision todayJagged it wraps aroundLike a long scar in my eye lineNear the wonders I have foundIt sits just in my right eyeobscuring what I seeLike a tear in time's realityTwisted rainbow that was me.It... Continue Reading →


The writer in me sits stillAnd teases as I fish and fidgetAs I feel the discomfortThe scratching yawning chasmWhere my words once filled my heartAnd flowed onto pagesMaking realMy life internalEven this, empty,turned on resolutelyBy my word holding museI turn... Continue Reading →


I have this overwhelming sense of wonder In the midst of many concepts making sense Of all of us as many drops of water; Avatars of The Continuous. Manifesting every single aspect Of physical relation on the earth feeding back... Continue Reading →

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