June 2010

Hmm :D

Love is my MistressAnd Truth is my MasterAnd I am subordinate to theseNormality, morality fail me navigationallyOn this living sea of ecstasy


what am I not saying to you?What within meIs not true?What thing is this I can't admit?What is itI wont let exist?Trouble sharedIs trouble halvedDisintergratedBlown apartBut poison sharedIs poison spreadSo let the wordsNot form instead.

Today’s Tide

Today there is The AcheDeeply lostWithin the wakeOf endless tidesLife makesFirst inThen outIncesssant doubtLeeches something Onto beachesBleaching essence out Leaving me With stones Cold and heavyLaying in meWeightAgainst my bones

In Her Darkness

In the nightHer legs grew longereyes grew sharpand heart grew wilderThe pounding paceOf feral drumminglay gently in her breastand calmlyIn her breathShe felt the danceSway long and languidStalk her stepSo softly paddedInto silent spaceFamiliarIn between the worldsAnd in the treesThe... Continue Reading →

Brightening Flame

within the brightening firethere burnt a gentle flamewhich licked with softer tongueand whispered me your nameEnamoured of it's coolnessRefreshing as I parchedLittle did I noticeThe melting of my heartTurning me to liquidMore fuel for the flamesAnd I the brightening fireScorching... Continue Reading →

Hmmm Julia Wisdom

The clarity of this deeply seated wisdomSeems so undeniableAs to be impossibleTo be lost toYet I cannot separateIn my sea of memoryFathomable momentsFrom the frequencyI wander in my own darknessLost in the tumbling earthSifting through rich sensationsNot even knowing whatI... Continue Reading →

Morning Frowning

How we think ourselves and frownOur little waves of up-side downWrinkle over eyes so wiseRevealing little cracks insideThat stumble us within our gleeWithin our living happilyLoving yours, disliking mineOur little patterns of the mindFlashing onto flesh to seeWakening curiosity...What ripples... Continue Reading →

Waxen Wings

ConfidenceLustEnchantednessCuriosityBlissPride and ecstasyEnthusiasmExuberanceAnd ExcitabilityWaxen WingsSomething in the steady beat of loveLifts me differentlyResponse to this weeks OSI prompt Icarus

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