October 2005

Hmmmm...worried... Mum's not well, money is a problem, looking at all the work that needs doing in the house and running out of steam...and I have incredibly cheeky, trap-wise mice moving in to my kitchen faster than I can move... Continue Reading →

Ok, I now have the names of twenty child-minders with spaces available. That's a lot of phone calls to make. And I need to get a decent CV pulled together to begin applying for jobs. I've cancelled my direct debits,... Continue Reading →

I'm taking two seconds to say Aaaaahhh! Life is beginning to feel like the 'throw them in the air' stage in pick-up-sticks. We have no money, and no way of making this move easily and gently...luckily we have friends and family... Continue Reading →

And every now and then everything changes...Currently we're in Brighton and it looks like we may well be coming back to stay. Yay!! It somehow feels like home again, and lots of little things have suddenly fallen into place, so... Continue Reading →

Today moved rapidly into the strangest of days. Struggling with my personal addictive demons, a death in Mark's family, and feeling I'm going to miss saying goodbye to Neil before he leaves for Egypt (when in truth I've already been... Continue Reading →

Something I just read, lead me to realise why I have so many rules and rights and shoulds and 'ought to's in my it's not automatic learnt repeating of what I have seen, but my choice to keep myself... Continue Reading →

Free Falling

I'm such a....can't even think of a word for it! I get so lost so easily. Sometimes free-falling through life is a good feeling...when I've let go of controlling outcomes because thereĀ is so much to choose from and I cannot... Continue Reading →

Very peaceful and relaxed for the second afternoon in a row. It's not that everything is under control, or that I've achieved so much I have the right to be complacent for a while, just that finally the sense of... Continue Reading →

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