March 2010


*Intoxicating aura whispersProximity of wordsStill lingeringNear the tip of my penIn response to Aura this weeks OSI prompt

in between this

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~between ~~~ the~~~ wordsamong ~~~the~~~ starswithin~~~ the~~~ tiny~~~ movementsaching ~~~in~~~ my~~~ heartit ~~~is~~~ thisin ~~~almost ~~~silencethat ~~~holds ~~~together~~~ shells,spheres~~~ of ~~~iridescenceand~~~ incandescent~~~ rays,that ~~~somehowcracks~~~ me~~~ openthe ~~~silent~~~ sound~~~ of~~~ whichechoes~~~ as~~~ the~~~ murmurBetween~~~ the~~~ words ~~~to ~~~sit.In response to murmur... Continue Reading →


Silent tornado howlingSets walls of my heart tremblingVibration turnsTo burning tearsAs to my kneesI'm sinkingThe aching of the howlIts noise, livesInside my trembling voiceTrapped insideMy throat on fireAs hollowness concaves me.I've let myself be toldSomething that I plainly amIs something... Continue Reading →

I haveA moment's pauseTwenty minutesTopsAnd I'mReading poetryWriting wordsNegotiatingWith the constant internal clamourOf my cellsCalling meTo you I resist.ResistFervent urgingResistExternal interruptingCaught in the swirlingOf all these day time thingsThe only thing leftIn a peaceful dark pauseMy loudAnd racing heart.

Irresolute Moments

Smooth strideSure stepWarm embraceSmell of neckLips softGrazing skinFeeling fireGrown within.Separation takesFalse starts;Three attemptsSuspendedIn irresolute moments.Arguing heartsProcrastinateWaiting forThe WorldTo waiverIn response to Hesitation this weeks OSI prompt.

Happy Hippy

I want to be a Happy HippyPainting bodies by the seaWashed ashore anew each morningWith the sunshine drying me.I want to be a Gypsy DancerTwirling circles by the fireLit and spun in shades of passionSinging as the flames burn higher.I... Continue Reading →

Nothing Left

There's no fight leftNo waste of breathNo strength to findAnother stepAnother stageAnother tryTo salvage bitsOf things slipped byTo tired to wriggleI finally restand find the peaceOf no contestThe truth of usThe truth of meThere's only one thingI can be.

So longSo slowSo slightShe didn't knowWhat time eroded.A mountain goneUnscaledUnseenDissolvedBy mists ofPure unbeing

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