August 2008

Sunday Sunday

I've been busy doing non art non internet life!I've been clubbing with girlfriends, sitting on the beach at night with girlfriends, laying on the beach in the sun, waking up to storms with our youngest and watching films with our... Continue Reading →


The Dreaming Tree by Kalee on tailcastI might still be a little under the influence...but I'm feeling bright and super zingy this (ahem) afternoon...(didn't wake up until 12:10!)Can't go out though as it's nap time for others in the house!... Continue Reading →

Info blog!

Huh?I love my spaces and blogs...they all have different purposes and different friends...and they all make perfect wonderful Julia logic sense to me...Of course not so much to my beloveds and friends...So here's the rough guideThe main three same content... Continue Reading →

Animal Flowers

Here comes colour! I actually woke up the other morning, not thinking about any of the special people in my life...or the chores to be done for the day...but about how else to play with my pens and paint together!So... Continue Reading →

Goddess Leonie!

Way way back in the mists of internet time...(I'm talking a whole four? maybe five years ago) I tired of my years of wandering and wondering and tried to set up home in that odd and mystical space.SARK had a... Continue Reading →

Real Life Artists!

I was in an artshop in Brighton today and bumped into two artists from my on-line life!It made me really happy!It gave more fuel to the fire, already lit by being on tailcast, that it would be lovely to have... Continue Reading →

I just read this

I just read this short story and it's so wonderful!It's so well written, so much is simply revealed with each tiny chapter...I'm keeping it here to read again..I hope you'll take time too!Big Kiss

Walk the walls.

I am full of wordsI like to flow with words and movement because it pleases is a visceral pleasure, a physical pleasure...and i'm loving being physical.These are the words.I love you.You make me whole and present and free.You are... Continue Reading →

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