February 2010

You're a fire in my heart and a wonder to my mind.Honey and surrender to the bones of who I amImpossible dream and unanswerable prayerRevealed to me and offered as easily as air.Any moment I am scaredOf ceasing to existI... Continue Reading →

Loved this one :) Perfect Timing.

The peachy thing about uncertainty, Julia, is that when everything else is equal, the cards are still heavily stacked in your favor.In other words, when all things are considered, including uncertainty, they are not equal, and vigilantly remembering this can... Continue Reading →

learning to fly

Set my sights highHeart alignedJump with both feetLearning to fly 🙂


I wondered if,If my body looked different,Would it feel the sameWhen you touch me?I decided not.I would loseThe most delicateTruth.I would not experienceThe beautyOf who I am.For that's your powerTo touch me exquisitelyWith unbelievable beauty.So I lay my scars before... Continue Reading →


Awakened by achingEchoed by musicPart of me crumplesAt the centre of feeling.Longing for earth,Releaseand peaceful sleepIn response to insomnia this weeks OSI prompt


Life asks meTo see past everythingPastThe limits I imagined of myselfPast the imagesand syntax of my mindInto the quickening brightnessOf our heartLost in the roarOf telling us about LoveIt's brillianceUnrevealedUnknownUnmanifestIts echoes soundingIn every secondAnyone has livedI love you


Single singing sunInside of everyoneComes to mindWhen you and IConnect up into one.In response to Single this weeks OSI prompt


God my heart is tired todayOf giving so much love awayWhen so much learning in returnIs how to love yet be aloneI wish I held the words you saidThey slip from meFall from my headAnd God my heart is tired... Continue Reading →

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