February 2010

You’re a fire in my heart and a wonder to my mind.

Honey and surrender to the bones of who I am

Impossible dream and unanswerable prayer

Revealed to me and offered as easily as air.

Any moment I am scared

Of ceasing to exist

I am overwhelmed and healed

That I existed as this

Loved this one :) Perfect Timing.

The peachy thing about uncertainty, Julia, is that when everything else is equal, the cards are still heavily stacked in your favor.In other words, when all things are considered, including uncertainty, they are not equal, and vigilantly remembering this can make all the difference.
Got it?

The Universe

Julia, that one’s worth getting: All things are not equal.

learning to fly

Set my sights high
Heart aligned
Jump with both feet
Learning to fly 🙂


I wondered if,
If my body looked different,
Would it feel the same
When you touch me?
I decided not.
I would lose
The most delicate
I would not experience
The beauty
Of who I am.
For that’s your power
To touch me exquisitely
With unbelievable beauty.
So I lay my scars before you;
My hurts,
Self hurts
And hiding,
My lack of self-love
Turned loathing
And float
Under your touch.


Awakened by aching
Echoed by music
Part of me crumples
At the centre of feeling.

Longing for earth,
and peaceful sleep

In response to insomnia this weeks OSI prompt


Life asks me
To see past everything
The limits I imagined of myself
Past the images
and syntax of my mind
Into the quickening brightness
Of our heart
Lost in the roar
Of telling us about Love
It’s brilliance
Its echoes sounding
In every second
Anyone has lived

I love you


Single singing sun
Inside of everyone
Comes to mind
When you and I
Connect up into one.

In response to Single this weeks OSI prompt


God my heart is tired today
Of giving so much love away
When so much learning in return
Is how to love yet be alone

I wish I held the words you said
They slip from me
Fall from my head
And God my heart is tired today
As so much learnt just slips away.

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