September 2008

Full Circle

I thought I was just coming to post this picture...say Look what I've done! Sorry it's been nearly a week...see you soon...Life has been busy.Thing is I had a bit of an epiphany last night about shame...about my shame. I... Continue Reading →

Giveaway Day!!!!

The stunning yet huggable John Halcyon Styn borrowing a rather fabulous set of wingsI am so happy and so excited and feel so blessed by what is coming next!I'm sorry that I'm doing it a day late!...I absolutely love giving... Continue Reading →

Giveaway names so far.

This is the current list of names for the giveaway draw leaving Favourite thing this week are the ones I know currently are in the draw...looking forward to adding at least the three other commentors!Do we reckon we may... Continue Reading →

Peace of paper

Peace of PaperThis is time awayThis time on pageThis time and spaceThis is peace and quietAway from buzzAway from bleepIt's peaceful whiteAnd waiting, stillJust like the quillsThe pen flows inkAnd frees the mind.Heart feels rested.I hear in distanceFamily noise and... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Pages

There is some deeper knowing, either inside of me or outside of me that is tapped into by putting pen to paper.I used to write pages everyday, when I couldn't think straight, act straight and sometimes even see straight, pen... Continue Reading →


Three consecutive days of Birthday teas!This is my favourite pic...Taken by Big Mark!


It's gift is so warmAnd light as a featherSoft as a petalAnd scented like cloverHoney's no sweeterBut preserves it foreverBeauty is such.Beauty is aged wrinkles from sunBeauty is laughter when every day's doneBeauty is opening my eyes to The OneBeauty... Continue Reading →

Hidden words too

Creativity, purpose, passion, love, freedomUp and up and up we goFeet on the groundEyes to the hillStarting low we're following slowThe sight of The Dreaming TreeSomewhere on its glowing pathWe reach the moments where we laughAnd sometimes when the path... Continue Reading →

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