Peace of Paper

This is time away
This time on page
This time and space
This is peace and quiet
Away from buzz
Away from bleep
It’s peaceful white
And waiting, still
Just like the quills
The pen flows ink
And frees the mind.
Heart feels rested.
I hear in distance
Family noise and know
The return
Is next in line
But here I took
A little nook
From space
Frome time
And made it mine.

I can’t believe the draw is in two days!!
Later today or tomorrow I shall put up a list of all names going into the giveaway draw so far, from all sites. I shall send reminders if you have left a comment but not told me your favourite thing at the same time.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has left me a comment, or e-mailed me, every one has made me smile…and it’s lovely to have the excuse (though we shouldn’t need it of course:P) to touch base with so many friends.
I’ve tried to mail and comment back to everyone, if I’ve missed you so far I send an extra HUGE hug and Kiss today.