Organ Donor Button!:D

This Anatomy For Life body paint update onto the JuliaArts site includes a button to make registering that extra step easier ;D xx

Golden Garden

Golden Garden A 3hr live stage body paint at QQW Model: Betty Nails Photographer: Dolly Rocket The best of times live painting at the QQW (As ever!:P)

Anatomy For Life

Very happy to be part of Anatomy For Life again for 2015 in support of the Yes! I Donate organ donor registration campaign...I think the lovely Will might have persuaded a few Brighton folks to sign up! Here's where you... Continue Reading →

Moulin Performance Glitter Tattoo

The lovely Carolyn Ailsa glittered for Moulin Rouge at Gypsy Disco back in May! A very simple tattoo including classic hibiscus stencils.

March of the Mermaids 2015

Just three of the beautiful mermaids out in The March of the Mermaids Brighton 2015

WishFest Feathers

Great pic from XC Photography of a quick JuliaArts festival face paint

Favourite Walk

Such a privilege Watching growth Long limbs Reach elegant heights The heart finding notes Overseen by life

Oberon Performance Glitter Tattoo

A quick glimpse of a quick ivy tattoo for Ethan Darren Kith 's Oberon at ~Gypsy Disco~ Feast of Fools

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