January 2010

Day Off?

If nobody's going to bechecking todayI shall let both my childrendo nothing but playI shall listen to musicAnd frequently danceI shall laze in the chairReading romanceThe cooking, the cleaningThe washing can waitWe'll eat what we fancyOff found party platesEducation and... Continue Reading →

The Known Universe

It tickled me to give you The Known Universe today!

Sunny Days

The Blue Green BrillianceOf existence knowingIn the revealedIs the hidden.The connected joyOf open heartHearing the ecstasyFeeling the ticklesSmelling the nectarof the BrilliantBlue Green Day.In response to Sunny Days over at One Single Impression


Quietly the dreamsThey creep up on meEdging through the silenceAnd the hopeConnected by the threadThat pulls upon meStirring spaceWithin the me that's knownCalling softlyWith their sweetest voicesReassuring fears I felt beforeAskingCan I go to them completelyAs they open upThe endless... Continue Reading →

It Reigns

Free fluidityThrough which fallsAll Manna of life;Sounds and squallsSharp and circlingFerocious and wantingDelicate handling,Gentle smoothing,Quiet attemptingAt elusive understanding.I got brave enough!This is inspired by this weeks prompt Chaos over at One Single Impression

Changing Everything

I ask for everything to change& The Everything asks of meTo change, again.If at first you paint a blue skyWouldn't you then want to paint it pink?Or mauve? or green?Wouldn't the light and life around youShift and change and move... Continue Reading →

Seeing from the skyThe lights that enterYou and IDisappearing,Hidden in the fleshIn acts of kindnessAre releasedIn brighter waysBringing PeaceTo rise againInformingWhat this meansTo beA human heart on EarthTo comprehendDelicate worthOf aching hereAnd living in this timeAnd soThe cycle starts againOverwatchedBy... Continue Reading →

Divine Fire

I hear my musicPlaying nowRhythm in meto allowLove that callsFire from the sky.Re-igniteA hundred timesWithin myselfThe Love divineEmbodiedIn the furnaceOf this dance.May all illusionBurn awayAll sense of lossDross and decayLeaving nothingMore thanWho we are

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