January 2010

Day Off?

If nobody’s going to be
checking today
I shall let both my children
do nothing but play
I shall listen to music
And frequently dance
I shall laze in the chair
Reading romance

The cooking, the cleaning
The washing can wait
We’ll eat what we fancy
Off found party plates
Education and growth
Will happen by chance
While we listen to music
And frequently dance.

When we’re not being checked on
By those in my head
Art books and manuals
For new toys get read
The boys laugh and giggle
At plots they advance
I mostly sing loudly
And frequently dance 🙂

The Known Universe

It tickled me to give you The Known Universe today!

Sunny Days

The Blue Green Brilliance
Of existence knowing
In the revealed
Is the hidden.
The connected joy
Of open heart
Hearing the ecstasy
Feeling the tickles
Smelling the nectar
of the Brilliant
Blue Green Day.

In response to Sunny Days over at One Single Impression


Quietly the dreams
They creep up on me
Edging through the silence
And the hope
Connected by the thread
That pulls upon me
Stirring space
Within the me that’s known

Calling softly
With their sweetest voices
Reassuring fears I felt before
Can I go to them completely
As they open up
The endless door.

It Reigns

Free fluidity
Through which falls
All Manna of life;
Sounds and squalls
Sharp and circling
Ferocious and wanting
Delicate handling,
Gentle smoothing,
Quiet attempting
At elusive understanding.

I got brave enough!
This is inspired by this weeks prompt Chaos over at One Single Impression

Changing Everything

I ask for everything to change

& The Everything asks of me

To change, again.

If at first you paint a blue sky

Wouldn’t you then want to paint it pink?

Or mauve? or green?

Wouldn’t the light and life around you

Shift and change and move as you do?

Growth evolving difference

From one state to another;

From an old perspective to the new,

Letting and allowing it as we go.

Seeing from the sky
The lights that enter
You and I
Hidden in the flesh

In acts of kindness
Are released
In brighter ways
Bringing Peace
To rise again
What this means

To be
A human heart on Earth
To comprehend
Delicate worth
Of aching here
And living in this time

And so
The cycle starts again
By Brightening Friends
Sending lights
To live in us divine.

Divine Fire

I hear my music
Playing now
Rhythm in me
to allow
Love that calls
Fire from the sky.

A hundred times
Within myself
The Love divine
In the furnace
Of this dance.

May all illusion
Burn away
All sense of loss
Dross and decay
Leaving nothing
More than
Who we are

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