December 2005

I'm sitting in my new home! we're on-line and the phone is connected! We even have a Christmas tree....we have food and love and lots of boxes to unpack (didn't I just finish packing them?) Moving would be much easier... Continue Reading →

waking life wave all's well wild divine.

Trying to be patient...I feel everything going unbelievably Christmas in few days for one thing. Bills, taxes and new job looming up super-fast on the horizon...........So how come Saturday is soooooo far away?

I'm receiving daily (though collecting when i can) e-mails from the Go Gratitude experiment...and it's getting silly because every day I'm doing a double take over co-incidences...passwords that I chose six months ago, symbols that I've drawn years ago, and... Continue Reading →

Delicate Bursting

The sensation that I may burst Is eased by the comparison Of my heart  to a bubble. hypnotic erotic surface spinning and thinning, connecting space with space, surrendered in a delicate silent release.  

I love being here...I learnt amazing things in Yorkshire, but here the dreaming of life is so responsive as to be breathtaking. Connections and patterns come so thick and  fast as to be inescapable and laughable to put down... Continue Reading →

Moving a home

Aha, on-line! Yesterday we went in to measure up the new house...had a fry-up in our old local cafe (we're moving back within a couple of streets distance to where we were six years ago) and for the first time... Continue Reading →

I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Brighton. Heard today that the house is all going through Ok...Have no money. Have to go get our stuff from Yorkshire in the next week or so...supposed to make the round trip in... Continue Reading →

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