I’m sitting in my new home! we’re on-line and the phone is connected!

We even have a Christmas tree….we have food and love and lots of boxes to unpack (didn’t I just finish packing them?)

Moving would be much easier if you could have a months holiday in the middle…it reminds me of being in labour with Zak and promising that I’d come back the next day to have him if they’d just let me go home and have a sleep!

There’s so much different here…I’m remembering that politeness, niceness, and friendliness are three different things. There is a dis-connectedness between people here…crowds of people moving in solitary worlds…people appear surprised and un-nerved by friendly conversation, and eye contact is brief or met with blank stares….this is in the run up to Christmas!

I think everyone must be exhausted and depressed! I can actually remember the two people that have smiled at me in the last week.

It’s all surface stuff though…our friends are amazing…and we’ve actually been in a position to help in return a couple of times already…

‘Tis the season to be jolly…’

Merry mid-winter to everyone…The days are getting brighter from here on in.