Written Voice

Writing gives us back our voice When our tongue has been sold Into service of society Into service of moral constructs And family agreements Writing In its silent flow In its secret meditation Threads a delving line Attaching us to... Continue Reading →

Self ♥ Papaji’s Poem Performed by Satyashanti

The thing I want backis the laughter...From my time of feeling free and clear and understanding. From my time of seeing and hearing the patternsAnd dreams...From my knowledge that allhas a good side and bad side.From my time of feeling more me.I want the laughter. The... Continue Reading →

 Whether by accident or designafter billions of years of evolutionand out of billions of expressions of lifethere is usand in all of eternitywe have this moment. 

filled with the buzz

 When I think of youI am filled with the buzzThe excitementOf self exploration.Quite simplyThere are aspects of meI did not know existedUntil there was you.

 And yet I am the flameand each and all of the starsthat witness it and each other.

 People that appear beautiful to usare those Whom seem joyous about being.It is the mystery of that emotionThe preciousness of its rarityThat is beautiful to us.

 But somehow you, you've taken my breath, my tears and my longing and encouraged a tapestry of them so beautiful, I did not know such fragile dreams existed in me. 

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