November 2008


The warm dry smell of tirednessInvading in wavesMy conscious awarenessStripping energy and sapping strengthmelting resistance, befuddling my brainTirednessTired and dry and lonely in the noiseNeeding softness and supportLonging to stop all other forcesTo drop the socksThe shirtsThe platesLonging to meet... Continue Reading →

Ten Years Younger

It's a beginningI woke up this morning feeling happy (and it was finally my lay-in Yay!) but as I lay there something else gradually began to dawn on me...I felt like myself, only ten years ago! That's actually a little... Continue Reading →

Time to paint

It's so lovely to keep waking up in a good mood 🙂 It doesn't last perfectly all day, but it's in the background most of the time and it's lovely.I'm beginning to see the end of the mass clear-out of... Continue Reading →


One of the times I shaved my hair Okay, right at this moment I'm tired...hungry and tired, so this is going to be woefully short for a first blog in TEN days!!!But I wanted to stop by and say Hi!... Continue Reading →

Grandmother Julia

I'm having such an amazing time! The sun is shining today, the air is clear and very crisp and I'm sat with my huge back door open letting int he November sun and chilly temperature (with a full sari wrapped... Continue Reading →


I realiseIn that momentI can't recallThe nature of falsitiesUsually occupyingMy mindThe Peace is biggerThe Love is deeperSo much soAll elseIs a pinprickIn the universeI see those shadowsMelt fasterThan I can focus on themNot missedSo oppositeTo the chasm leftWhen I can't... Continue Reading →

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