It’s a beginning

I woke up this morning feeling happy (and it was finally my lay-in Yay!) but as I lay there something else gradually began to dawn on me…I felt like myself, only ten years ago!

That’s actually a little odder than it sounds.

You know how sometimes a smell sends you back for a second, or finding a childhood toy can bring a hint to you of how you used to feel inside when you played with it…it was very like that, only incredibly solid. As if I just woke up in my old house, completely me, could tell you which clothes I had in my wardrobe, what toiletries were in the bathroom, everything. Solid. It didn’t fade out either, I just lay there feeling strangely and wonderfully me, but a different me. Most odd.

It was only once I was up and interacting with the kids that I suddenly realised the sensation had gone, and that, just like when you’ve had a whiff of a smell from your past, I could no longer feel in my body what it felt like at all.

It brought to mind all the people that I’ve heard say that they don’t change on the inside, that the body changes but we feel the same internally, still feel twenty five at sixty five…well not me! I feel quite quite different, and I didn’t know it until this morning.

Okay, that peculiar insight into my mind aside…the other good things today are this Halcyon Pink Belief Buffet video:

The fact that I have run out of things to send to the charity shop.

The Wonderful Creative Goddess Course I am about to enroll in and invite a friend to, hosted by the Ever Loving Leonie.
(I say here: enrol! enrol! Grab such a lovely opportunity to shine and embrace and play…and there’s extra squashiness in the form of delightful giftiness if you do it before December 1st)

And the fact that I finally began to lay colour on paper today… after a few weeks of clearing, the doodling has begun again.