Far from the best lighting but so happy to have done this quick little portrait of Buddy. Commisioned by my 9yr old as a gift for his friend's Birthday!:D

Happy happy happy happy Tuesday!

 It arrived!   Mark reiki'd it's arrival for me...I'm so happy! My heart has sunk a little every day I logged on since the middle of last week, but it arrived yesterday and now my heart is happy and I'm very relieved.... Continue Reading →

Cider, Sunshine, and a Smile

Today has made this week seem very busy and big. I finally caved and re-arranged our bedroom to make studio? space this week. I had resisted to avoid having any kind of work sensation in the bedroom. Historically I'm quite... Continue Reading →

Taken over

Our lives have been somewhat hi-jacked by portrait drawing...I'm missing spending time browsing blogs! And writing in my own!   I also use the computer a fair bit during the portrait process, scanning the work in to compare side by... Continue Reading →

Feeling amazed

So I've finally finished and scanned in Z's pics as best I can. I'm surprised and happy with the results. Z's dad was here today and made a comment about me only just discovering I could do this, that something... Continue Reading →


Portraits are enticing and exasperating...I want to capture, and communicate, and show this amazing beauty...and I feel like I'm making wobbly, wonky muddy drab to how anyone does this for pleasure I'm a touch unsure. Mind you it's pleasurable... Continue Reading →

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