September 2010

Like a parabolic mirror containingSpherical light wave imagesOf the room it sits withinI dip inside my surfaceTo the boundless possiblityOf everything I reflectAnd somehow containThe anything of existenceI am the almagamationOf everything outside meInside the barely existentShell of who I... Continue Reading →

I will meet you

I will meet youWith what you bring meSome mirrored surfaceOf the universeThat flows through lifeAs gentle symmetryShowing howIn truthfulnessThere always isIn every movementThe way you meet meWith what I bring

Sideways Slide

I look onFor my inch of chanceFor where the pathGreets some nuanceThe point at whichI neatly glideFrom oneInto the otherI bring to lifeEach path of lightThat flowsThrough meUntil that pointThe passing comesI sideways slideTempted by another.In response to The Passing... Continue Reading →


So now I want to closeto turn the signand lock the doorand sit behind the glassdays like these I'd watchnot wanting to returnToo tired to workLike lead I sitWith all the lights turned onMy brain is moving slowI feel it... Continue Reading →


I have become someoneWanting more than I've gotThis late in the gameUnsureIf that's wiseOr not

Night’s Harmony

Laying jealously of sleepOf slumber still and deepThat holds youSoft in bodyMurmuring tenderly to dreamsFeeling into darknessPale smoothness I keepMy hands wrap roundFamiliar curvesI stroke and slowly driftIn exquisite beautyAnd silence on your lipsThe warmth that growsInside my chestLights sweetly... Continue Reading →

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