August 2009


As I try to focus on almost anything in my life, I seem to have to learn about it anew and today I feel that not only is my life a constantly shifting seascape but I am suddenly aware that... Continue Reading →

As I was Lying

As I was lyingIn exhausted ecstasyThoughts and worldsTumbling, dissolving, streamersAround my bedI slipped into KnowingInto Nothing.I am LovingI am Loving EverythingI am Nothing Loving Everything.Then it hit meI am that darknessThat refreshing cool VoidI am the spaceThe GapThe Pause.I was... Continue Reading →

Great Big Nothing

As I was lying In exhausted ecstasy Thoughts and worlds Tumbling, dissolving, streamers Around my bed I slipped into Knowing Into Nothing. I am Loving I am Loving Everything I am Nothing Loving Everything. Then it hit me I am... Continue Reading →

The Big Fat Nothing

I wanted to run around last nightYelling I get! I get it! I get it!Instead I smiledFloated in PeaceDark Peace DeepIn the cool refreshing spaceOf NothingNot even LovingNot even LoveJust Nothing.I heard somewhere onceThat the journey for menWas to learn... Continue Reading →


Part of me can't believe how slow I am, and part of me cannot believe how far we've come! I err very much on the side of caution in my everyday blog as I often work with children, teens and... Continue Reading →

A couple of recent ones from The UniverseJulia, I know what it's like. I've seen it played out a few zillion times. You're waiting for that magical day when someone makes the connection and recognizes who you really are. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Trip to Yorkshire

I was sooooo proud when I saw our eldest climbing this! And happy watching them all playingMum's green fingers contributed to dinner every night!The most stylish pic!In this picture you can just about make out me taking a picture of... Continue Reading →

Just an Oldie

So much so much so much.I find that life and myself are flowing in little rivulets back toward some body of self, of source.And of course it's all Love Love and more than I can imagine, Love.There is such peace... Continue Reading →

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