December 2008

A Doozy

These are some of my wintery deccies, I've been playing in normal and uv light...I've also come up against my very limited html understanding and the three column code loaded to my blogger's all gone more than a bit... Continue Reading →


When you give something part of you is open, momentarily letting glimpses of your soul shine through, opening those aspects into communication and healing with the soul of those that open up to receive.Something wonderful clicked in me yesterday, as... Continue Reading →

Winter Branches

I can't believe this picture was taken just hours before everyone became ill! They're still ill! Though this evening finally is an improvement on the last couple of days, there's even hope I might get a nights sleep!Here are the... Continue Reading →

Saying Hi!

I'm actually stopped in my tracks tonight...finally there is nothing practical I can do...everybody is ill and they have picked a separate room each to hide in, so I can't clean, sort, decorate or paint!I'm also a little nervous to... Continue Reading →

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