October 2008

Ino and Gaara Picture story!

MF DesignerIno and Gaara wanted to go to the Anime Expo 2008 at London's ExcelSo after executing a weeks worth of costume-jutsu, everyone met at Bank on the DLRHeaded to a cafe, where cake was eaten, Guy-liner applied, and pins... Continue Reading →

For IBTB of the TAW!

This is just a little post about a little's a couple of inches across and I made it when I was pregnant and trying to get used to not's my half hour activities box. If I can't make... Continue Reading →


How am I supposed to concentrate? It's hard work being grumpy and trying to have 'issues' when this one keeps popping up with a grin on his face!Love, love, love.Digging out some of the bits of me I struggle to... Continue Reading →

This just sends me!

I love Sia, I love listening to her, but the chance to see Sia perform live is one I recommend you grab with both hands...I spent half the night with goosebumps in a very warm room! This is called Day... Continue Reading →

Reading way too much!

I can't do this no reading thing!!!!!It's as much part of me as breathing and moving and sleeping! I am managing to curb my behaviour slowly if what I am doing is immersing myself in other's work instead of my... Continue Reading →

Lucy in The Sky

I have to follow that last one with some of my mum's amazing sky piccies

Painting Sky

Sitting underneath The Painting SkyWhere creationHas opened up its heartIn all its brilliance"God has left the back door open,my mother always said to me"My mother says to me.


I see his wingspan stretchThe light embraces himThe clearest breezeCaresses his headHis movement stirs withinLeaves me hauntedA singing from the skyPeaceful breathA promise bringingOf flying in the light

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