How am I supposed to concentrate? It’s hard work being grumpy and trying to have ‘issues’ when this one keeps popping up with a grin on his face!

Love, love, love.

Digging out some of the bits of me I struggle to love at the moment…everything tumbles in together for me, creativity, sexuality, flow of life and Spirit…and somewhere in the middle of all these drives is a big fat mean and grumpy policeman squashing it all down saying no! no! no!

Seriously wishing today that he would just bugger off and let me be the bohemian polyamorous pagan I am underneath. I’m remembering that I have a very old dictionary somewhere, where the meanings of words like licentious, lascivious and perverse all have quite lovely juicy definitions, rather than the pejorative ones that they have nowadays…perhaps if my policeman could just be a bit more Zen and a lot less disapproving, read the old dictionaries rich in diverse explanation rather than moral judgement…

Though somewhere in this I am learning. This may not be the age of artists leaving the towns and cities to return to the influences and timings of nature, living together in physical communities, but communities are happening on-line…and somewhere in this a sensation a hope is growing in me. That these on-line explorations and encouragements to be creative are very much about life, not about escaping from it or filling empty spaces within it, but about learning to change it; re-equipping more and more people to be creative, full stop, in their nature of living…colouring outside the lines, creating richness and diversity and a more Zen set of internal policeman.

Yep, I’d come out of hiding for that!