Freedom of Forgiveness

All is forgiven and there is nothing to forgive. Forgiveness, forgiving, is the fathomless connection; wherever we forgive, we are One. Beyond hope of things being right, beyond the ideas we hold about ourselves and others, is where we are... Continue Reading →

The motorway

Taken by my mum at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Everyone is taking it in turns to be ill...Again! ...I'm trying to refuse to be ill. This has been an amazing week where Thursday felt like Saturday, Friday felt like Sunday, and... Continue Reading →

 Whether by accident or designafter billions of years of evolutionand out of billions of expressions of lifethere is usand in all of eternitywe have this moment. 

filled with the buzz

 When I think of youI am filled with the buzzThe excitementOf self exploration.Quite simplyThere are aspects of meI did not know existedUntil there was you.

 And yet I am the flameand each and all of the starsthat witness it and each other.

 This is new path. Things are changing and the story becomes unpredictable; it has to, to allow new things to happen.If the highest growth is desired, then life needs to be faced, where there are no known parameters;safety and feelings of safety... Continue Reading →

 People that appear beautiful to usare those Whom seem joyous about being.It is the mystery of that emotionThe preciousness of its rarityThat is beautiful to us.

 But somehow you, you've taken my breath, my tears and my longing and encouraged a tapestry of them so beautiful, I did not know such fragile dreams existed in me. 

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