Locus of Love

What is true is, that when the love I am resides with me and my experience regardless of any external perspective as to whether it should, I am free, soft, powerful, grateful, creative. And when I witness you, I am filled with more love. it is not something I can give to you, no matter if you try to earn it in anyway, it stays in me and I am grateful to the depths of my existence to experience it.

Too much

I am too muchToday is too muchI have spent too much timeOn a project now abandonedToo much moneyOn a project now strugglingGive too much credenceTo the sense I am failingToo much embarrassmentAt the emotions, rage and violent tornado of profanity... Continue Reading →


I took a brief time today to finish off a study that I think I started back in 2015!. I was learning about dragonflies in order to plan a Dress in Dragonflies body paint. You can check out the photo... Continue Reading →

Fall, Fall, Fall

Yesterday I witnessed Peace And experienced jealousy; Peace that can, and does Swallow all things into silence. Peace that is everything and Re-presences to itself. Peace under all Love The ground of All. We are Here. So close to The... Continue Reading →

Golden Field

Universe. Energy. Life.¬†Golden¬†Field.   Flow of Energy Flow of Information Field of Love   The only thing existing and traveling is Love and all its relationships. Form is a structure Love takes in a moment of relationship.   Everything is... Continue Reading →

Formed Chords

Intention and I square in darkness Feeling for edges and flow. Stalking. Ribs caged at each other. Wisps of our purpose entwine. Tentative forecasts for anchor. Filaments form golden ropes, Pulling rib caverns to future; Luminous, balanced, and taught.

Profound Peace

Profound Peace In quiet truth: Everything is love. I am awestruck beloved. In every Silent Moment Gratefully, joyfully, lovingly, Give everything

I live here :)

This is where I live Suspended, silent, light. The movement that doesn't. The quiet that is and is not. Everything not absorbed Is the reflected undefinable presence that we witness. I live best somewhere under that, and feel myself arrive... Continue Reading →

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