Everything surrendered Holding sacred Your exquisite beauty In delicate fierce dance.   Today, I am the hollow burnt crack Of cooling.  

Boys, Sisters, Smiles and Silence

Past moments of my life Living in me today While I am longing To live in them

Floating Embers

Looking in I feel my over fullness Food on top of A belly full of stress and straining tearfulness I look for the silent spaces Between and under The specks of darkness Hollowing out into eternity Heavy solidity scatters as... Continue Reading →

No Matter

In verdant excitements of Spring We are love In heated passions of Summer We are love In cool fallings of Autumn We are love In bitter hardships of Winter We are love

Naked Podcast! :D:D:D

I am so incredibly privileged to be exploring the powers of Body Painting again, this time with two amazing young women, Kat and Jen from The Naked Podcast ❤ Here's the link to the interview, until I can work out... Continue Reading →

Warrioress Re-birth <3

Today in amongst much hustle and bustle, I was in a quiet spot having the honour of getting to know Sam Cleasby a little better, during a bit of body painting. We didn't have much time to prep, or even... Continue Reading →

Loving/Attachment/Loving Attachment

Letting go can be tricky to do My entire desire Is to consume you To breathe you in Digest, Assimilate Into my very being Then breathe you out Shine you brightly Shower existence with you So let you go, As... Continue Reading →

I So Lation

If there were no-one else here Create create create Until there was nothing left Then my activity and I Would turn into song Singing Love and Gratitude and Wonder. I: the person who is speaking or writing — used as... Continue Reading →

Eternal Flowering

Body Paint on canvas Eternal Flowering 31 x 16 in approx

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