I So Lation

If there were no-one else here Create create create Until there was nothing left Then my activity and I Would turn into song Singing Love and Gratitude and Wonder. I: the person who is speaking or writing β€” used as... Continue Reading →

Eternal Flowering

Body Paint on canvas Eternal Flowering 31 x 16 in approx

Body Paint on Canvas

From No-thing Comes The Light of Everything :):):)

I Travel East

I journey to the east To the bright dawn Misty or clear There is a moment each day The light reaches me re-revealed There are beings living East of me I imagine them always in full, hot sun.


So tonight the tears have come for my beautiful Nan. I am full of fleeting images, memories of colour and sensations of sitting at her feet while she tickled my back with her thick strong and always painted nails. From... Continue Reading →


Today hearing truth There is no grand wish in me To be it, or claim it, or show and shine it Just a quiet, exhausted, desire to lean against it; To curl like a cat Against its ribs In the... Continue Reading →

October 19

Love becomes more full, more certain, more solid, developed and deep More delicate, more yeilding The finest golden thread It sutures Sustains And finally reveals  

I know i am not a 'technically' great artist, and this piece is one of those that renders my abilities childlike. I have boxes full of 'spiritual art' and they seem to largely come out like that. Mostly I am... Continue Reading →

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