October 2015

Infinite Eternity Of

Every Moment Every fleeting nano second An eternity Of its own Truth. You are birth Anew anew anew, Every Moment Every fleeting nano second An eternity Of a new Truth. - And this is the way Life is Death, Time... Continue Reading →

Mooji The Laughter

I love this clip it captures The Laughter, what gifts we have 😀

Nothing Moving

I take my breath and know That nothing is moving here Nothing is moving anywhere Nothing passes by anything No thing touches another thing There is just a notion

Body Paint Painting!:P

Had a play this week and painted a picture of a body paint, with body paint!:D

Freedom of Forgiveness

All is forgiven and there is nothing to forgive. Forgiveness, forgiving, is the fathomless connection; wherever we forgive, we are One. Beyond hope of things being right, beyond the ideas we hold about ourselves and others, is where we are... Continue Reading →

Circles In The End.

What is there here? Feeling such grief Holding onto something Perhaps so long since gone That it cannot be recalled. I know what it was Was a beginning A start point A departure from what was. So in this now... Continue Reading →


So much going on at the moment in a 'There's something in the air' kind of way. Whether it is the change of season, the blood moon just passed or hints of Halloween to come, things feel a little odd.... Continue Reading →

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