So much going on at the moment in a ‘There’s something in the air’ kind of way. Whether it is the change of season, the blood moon just passed or hints of Halloween to come, things feel a little odd.

I was awake in my sleeping body two nights back, solidly wide awake in my sleeping body for quite a while. I started to stretch at one point and thought Yay! waking up properly now, but my body was just turning over and kept right on sleeping until finally my littlest one came in and woke my body up at 5am. Then my awake self experienced my body waking up and opening its eyes and a couple of seconds later everything hooked back together again.

I keep having this, waking up and then later my body waking up, I was feeling it but also feeling unsure about whether it was really happening until now. This has been the clearest time as it took soooo long between waking and waking. I just wandered around in my body and listened to the room around me, my boyfriend breathing, my own breathing, feeling the warmth and weight of my body, the bedclothes, the bubbling pain in my hurt knee and gurgling in my belly. The restful comfort of sleep with complete clarity of awareness.

Somehow, what seems would be the opposite end of this spectrum, during the day my recollections of dreams I have had, are more confusing. My dreams seem extra ‘ordinary’ and real, so some memories I have during the day I am initially processing as memory, and then remembering that I dreamt them rather than lived them. Random things like putting on my glasses to read something in a shop, or a builder smoking inside a shop he is working in. Life is just feeling very odd.

Adding to the odd sensation is that I am not alone in feeling it, some close friends and family are feeling equally odd, and bad dreams seem to be a plenty this week. Yet here I am, feeling just blessed and blessed and blessed. Excitedly happy almost, and over full of love.

Here’s to oddness!:D xxx

Realising today how clean and clear and peaceful this time was because my usual mind was asleep at the time in contrast to the half asleep state I go through during the usual waking up process where all manner of nonsense wanders through my mind as my body snoozes.Like this morning:P