coloured pencil


Far from the best lighting but so happy to have done this quick little portrait of Buddy. Commisioned by my 9yr old as a gift for his friend's Birthday!:D

Work In Slow Progress

The latest update for my friends in Holland I have discovered the limitations of winter daylight hours! It's hard to draw when you can't see! I'm sure some number of years ago it might have mattered less...and it's not as... Continue Reading →

back to the drawing board

So much seems to have happened in just a few days. I'm already well and truly into my 'take on insane amounts of projects and see which ones I nearly kill myself trying to do' stage. Luckily something in me... Continue Reading →

Taken over

Our lives have been somewhat hi-jacked by portrait drawing...I'm missing spending time browsing blogs! And writing in my own!   I also use the computer a fair bit during the portrait process, scanning the work in to compare side by... Continue Reading →

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