The latest update for my friends in Holland

I have discovered the limitations of winter daylight hours! It’s hard to draw when you can’t see! I’m sure some number of years ago it might have mattered less…and it’s not as if things are blurry…I just can’t quite focus on them!

Progress is being made slowly though. The new juggling act of home schooling for all three us is not quite perfect yet…but we will get there.

TAW has been an interesting challenge, I think week ten should have begun yesterday but I had surprisingly huge resistance to going back through my morning pages..and when I finally attempted it my handwriting made it nigh impossible. I have learnt to value them again in a way I’d perhaps become a bit complacent about, so the process is as ever working even when I least expect it.

I’m choosing to view The Creative Goddess Course as my Super Size artists dates which is a wonderful luxury that I am soooo pleased I treated myself to. In all honesty at the time I had difficulty treating myself but I was not about to let the universe offer me the chance to support a Long Loved Gorgeous Goddess Friend and then just let it slip away.

These are the ways we get the life we want, by welcoming and encouraging the scrumptious people already making a go of living it. What a world this will be if we keep putting our energies where we truly want them….and of course my life is already richer for taking that step. Even if the amazing delight of watching Leonie giggle and just go for it wasn’t enriching enough, my! that Gorgeous Woman can guide a meditation! And I’m really fussy about that (just ask Mark).

P.S. I so wish I could show you my page at the e-circle, I’m quite smitten with it…I think I shall have to up-date my myspace to match.