What’s new pussycat….

Aren't they sweet! It's my first attempt at animals.I did this for a friend's Birthday, just in time I might add! Talk about loving a deadline, I'm trying to work out why I do things in the last three days... Continue Reading →

Two months!!!???

Two months already? I am lost somewhere in all this life!! I just worked out that I started this picture two months much for one a week!Something big is coming idea what yet, and impossible to imagine where... Continue Reading →

Healing Pearl

This is my second play with acrylics, and my first go at working on was really lovely to do, I finished it off with sparkly pen and irridescent pastel.This is my healing picture from week three on the Goddess... Continue Reading →

Popping in to say Hi!

I need to learn photography! I need it for taking excellent photos to work from....and for taking better pictures of finished work. I'm sure even some basics on how cameras work would help. I'm thinking that this one is finished...maybe... Continue Reading →

Slow and learning

Nearly finished...this'll be the last scan, tomorrow, finish and photograph I think...It's also bugging me...they all do at this stage, never as good as I'd hoped for!I can see the improvements I'm making but am frustrated to feel I've yet... Continue Reading →

Today’s Progress

Up to around seven hours on this one now...still a way to go too! I've worked a bit on this under electric light this's an art/daylight bulb but still I may wake up and regret it when I see... Continue Reading →

Work In Slow Progress

The latest update for my friends in Holland I have discovered the limitations of winter daylight hours! It's hard to draw when you can't see! I'm sure some number of years ago it might have mattered less...and it's not as... Continue Reading →

Crazy Busy Amazingness

First things first, There might just still be time for you to enrol into Leonies Lovely Creative Goddess Course, I think it officially begins tomorrow on the 15th...Next things next, It's been a over week already since I posted...sometimes this... Continue Reading →

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