Aren’t they sweet! It’s my first attempt at animals.
I did this for a friend’s Birthday, just in time I might add! Talk about loving a deadline, I’m trying to work out why I do things in the last three days possible instead of the first three days possible.

Wow! I’m also wondering if I have what it takes to open and hold this space…I have such wonderful dreams, such a hopeful heart…but the distinct sensation that being a dreamer alone is not enough…not a help…not creating the change I want to see in my little world…and also the now tangible fear that that is all I am.

I’ve brought enough projects of one sort or another to fruition to know that it just takes step after step after step…but I’m having difficulty even explaining what I’d like to do at the moment.
Life seems to be bringing me all the tools I could dream of though so I guess it’s just time to get on with the dance.

My life is very busy though…is it big enough? Am I big enough to hold enough space for each of my boys and this and the need for an income…eek let alone …okay. enough panicking for this minute…Love, let go, dream let go, turn up, let go.

Huge help at the moment is Mary A Hall’s Heart Thoughts daily meditation (several times today) which is a freebie bonus download when you sign up to the Healing with the Masters list.

Okay…now to do the two next posts that I told my cousin I would do over a week ago!