Formed Chords

Intention and I square in darkness Feeling for edges and flow. Stalking. Ribs caged at each other. Wisps of our purpose entwine. Tentative forecasts for anchor. Filaments form golden ropes, Pulling rib caverns to future; Luminous, balanced, and taught.

Profound Peace

Profound Peace In quiet truth: Everything is love. I am awestruck beloved. In every Silent Moment Gratefully, joyfully, lovingly, Give everything

I live here :)

This is where I live Suspended, silent, light. The movement that doesn't. The quiet that is and is not. Everything not absorbed Is the reflected undefinable presence that we witness. I live best somewhere under that, and feel myself arrive... Continue Reading →


Realising. I have taken Beauty; Hypnotising Beauty measured with love by the cells of existence, and willed it to be my forever. Which it cannot be, Yet always is.


Everything surrendered Holding sacred Your exquisite beauty In delicate fierce dance.   Today, I am the hollow burnt crack Of cooling.  

Boys, Sisters, Smiles and Silence

Past moments of my life Living in me today While I am longing To live in them

Floating Embers

Looking in I feel my over fullness Food on top of A belly full of stress and straining tearfulness I look for the silent spaces Between and under The specks of darkness Hollowing out into eternity Heavy solidity scatters as... Continue Reading →

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