September 2009

Falling over myself

I am at that momentThe wave sucks back in,Falling over itselfAs it bubbles and hissesThrough pebbles.I've sat so many timesLooking into this hiss,Always some part of meLonging slightlyFor the waveto have come further.Just that tiny bit further.To have restedCompletedbefore its... Continue Reading →


The ache familiarThe draw rememberedThe passing of momentsReleasing of tearsBreath deepArms fullThe dance of it's movingThe cool of it's airThe FreeingThe me-ingThe silence.The spacing betweenMe and the worldIt and my soft spotsWork and my innocenceDreams and their endDistanceProtectionA charmAnd it's... Continue Reading →


I'm in the house ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!Ha Ha Ha...doing the 'I'm in the house ON MY OWN dance'!!8D


My littlest man is wandering around the house in a Batman t-shirt, a Superman cape and playing constantly with his sing-song whistling, steam blowing Thomas The Tank Engine...a very happy three year old indeed!Still, to this moment in my life,... Continue Reading →

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