February 2009

Big Kisses

Odd memories have been popping back into my mind...odd moments that re-frame things.In amongst all the family photos at my parent's house is one of me that I remember always being around as I was growing up, It's one I... Continue Reading →


I need a happy pic! (I'm working on a big sketchy one of this at the moment) It cheers me up!I lost my purse!!!With all my cards, and the weeks shopping money in it :(And I have a poorly eye..... Continue Reading →

Hee hee hee hee hee hee

That's me giggling because with the help of Three Column Blogger and this particular page I have managed to restore my blogger page to the colours that make me happy, no lines and still three columns.My blogger page is really... Continue Reading →

Mish Mosh

What a mish-mosh! Everything has gone green! And there's lines for the writing! Lines!!!Well I've learnt enough to find a tidier three columns, but they are green and liney, but I also learnt how to save my widgets, which is... Continue Reading →

Healing Pearl

This is my second play with acrylics, and my first go at working on was really lovely to do, I finished it off with sparkly pen and irridescent pastel.This is my healing picture from week three on the Goddess... Continue Reading →

Chilly Winter Warmers

Just some of our recent chilly days...brrrr Big Kiss

Popping in to say Hi!

I need to learn photography! I need it for taking excellent photos to work from....and for taking better pictures of finished work. I'm sure even some basics on how cameras work would help. I'm thinking that this one is finished...maybe... Continue Reading →

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