That’s me giggling because with the help of Three Column Blogger and this particular page I have managed to restore my blogger page to the colours that make me happy, no lines and still three columns.

My blogger page is really my workdesk so I have the page set up pretty wide at the moment (I have a big screen and I like the space) but if it gives you any major problems let me know

The next step is to refresh and update my links/ etc. Hmmm.

Life seems choc-a-block with creative opportunity at the moment…I’m wondering how courageous I’m actually going to be. I gave myself an end of March dealine for some things…and that deadline is looming large right now…I’m having brave moments though, and my u-turns and self-sabotage seem to be coming in smaller and smaller doses so I have hope.

I’m also going to step back in the TAW as I majorly lost focus after taking on Leonie’s Lovely Goddess Course…I’m glad I took it on, but TAW has such a huge impact on my ‘proffessional intentions’ that I’m feeling need of digging deeper into it, and re-focusing my intentions.

Huh! I wasn’t expecting to write all that, evidently needed to get my head a bit straighter to match my lovely tidy, three columns that i just edited (!)