Work In Slow Progress

The latest update for my friends in Holland I have discovered the limitations of winter daylight hours! It's hard to draw when you can't see! I'm sure some number of years ago it might have mattered less...and it's not as... Continue Reading →

Cider, Sunshine, and a Smile

Today has made this week seem very busy and big. I finally caved and re-arranged our bedroom to make studio? space this week. I had resisted to avoid having any kind of work sensation in the bedroom. Historically I'm quite... Continue Reading →

Feeling amazed

So I've finally finished and scanned in Z's pics as best I can. I'm surprised and happy with the results. Z's dad was here today and made a comment about me only just discovering I could do this, that something... Continue Reading →


Portraits are enticing and exasperating...I want to capture, and communicate, and show this amazing beauty...and I feel like I'm making wobbly, wonky muddy drab to how anyone does this for pleasure I'm a touch unsure. Mind you it's pleasurable... Continue Reading →

Not sure if I'm going to use this journal or the hopewitch one, longer term....the two are linked for me to different times and dreams...I began the hopewitch account when trying to find a safe space for my poly thoughts...and... Continue Reading →

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