December 2007

The thing I want back
is the laughter…
From my time of feeling 
free and clear 
and understanding. 
From my time of seeing 
and hearing the patterns
And dreams…
From my knowledge that all
has a good side and bad side.
From my time of feeling more me.
I want the laughter. 
The universal,
Got the joke,
See the silliness,
Feel the loving, 
Know I’m forgiven,
Know there is nothing
The kind that made me look mad to others,
Yet felt like peace in my soul.





 Having fun taking snapshots within pieces of work…different sizes etc…it’s really interesting to see different media magnified on this huge screen (well it’s huge to me anyway)


We had such a poorly computer tha I gave up trying to do anything on-line… we have a new one with a screen large enough t see from the downs.

This screen makes everything look very WIDE.

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