January 2014

Part of my gathering 'what I've been up to's has had me returning to October's Breast Cancer Awareness body painting jam and I think it was my favourite event of the year...this is it:

We are halfway through January and I am taking quiet time. I am hampered by having an only half functioning right hand, but also quite intentionally taking time to try and work out a healthy balance between my little business... Continue Reading →

Aready the days and evenings are beginning to return into a garbled string of internet information where each thought and remembering of something I need to do leads me further into the ever tangling internetty spaghetti...and somehow my house looks... Continue Reading →

Softly and gradually the year begins to come to life. I am still quite peaceful and the pace is quite slow, a few bookings already for later in the year and a handful for the next few weeks.I am spending time... Continue Reading →

I want to do something with this post't move on and close the window without logging it somewhere.It's rough but holds quite a lot of something I'd like to turn and polish like a stone into something clean and flowing... Continue Reading →

I'm loving reading through old entries and my youngest is enjoying it too!:D I don't seem to take photos much when I am not blogging, so it's been sweet to look back.I am beginning to suspect that I have to... Continue Reading →

Just a bit tired

One of my last posts was a mention that I was learning to face paint...the slideshow is gone, the platform defunct no doubt, in the time I have been missing from my beautiful blog space. I have been working hard.My... Continue Reading →

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