One of my last posts was a mention that I was learning to face paint…the slideshow is gone, the platform defunct no doubt, in the time I have been missing from my beautiful blog space. I have been working hard.

My retrievable blogs go back to this time of year in 2005…they spread across three livejournal accounts, myspace, and a few other defunct spaces…old ning communities and the such and I am aways so grateful to find myself again in their pages…to shortcut to glimpses of having had time enough to reflect on, learn from and record my life.

I need them right now. I need to remember that I have that space…how to re-find that essential time.

It is a usual state for me around now…this year, knowing how tired and lost in work I have become for the last two years, I hope to remain.

The last two years I have worked so solidly. The first year still being a childminder with all the busyness and paperwork that involves, as well as creating, building and nuturing JuliaArts, my face and body art business. 2012 was so busy that at the end of it I surrendered my childminding business to concentrate on JuliaArts…JuliaArts was 2 years old by then and I thought I understood what would be coming next, how things would grow, and how I needed to be able to commit more time to it.

In truth I had very little idea

I have learnt masses in the last few years, so much that my mind boggles at it all.

I have experienced so much personal change too as to not even know where to begin.

But this is what I yearn for, to come back here, to write and record and explore. To express just for the random rambling pleasure of it, to enjoy the growth and expansion of who I am as I discover and rediscover.

To explore and relish in others’ shared word worlds and grow through the communication.

And maybe to hide from facebook