February 2017


Sitting in this old shell
Absent to my whole self
Easily distracted
From all I am not feeling
Silence in my centre is scratchy and empty
and no guidance.

What what what is it I want to feel?
Not this knot
Not the knot in my forehead
Or the one in my side
Not the screaming, yelling energy in my arms and heart
Not these tears of absence grief

This I know is misdirection
This angry clawing is a smoke screen
…not a movement.
Just beyond it, behind it, in it
Is  light,  love

Sitting here as this cell
Light  shines
all things
Song  sings heart
and windowed wings
Silence in all noise brings. ❤


This beautiful bump is now a baby! ❤

So here we are
Now moving into
the Sisterhood of Motherhood! 🙂 ❤

#Baby Belly #Belly Painting #Baby Sister #Body Art

Baby Shower <3

Currently we are happily packing to visit my youngest sister for her first Baby Shower! My own youngest is 10 now (and my eldest 20!) and it has surprised me how exciting it is all over again.The same kind of unexpected experience as the moment I watched my other sister walk down the aisle. It really brings home to me why we celebrate and mark these times with ceremonies, swap stories, bring practical gifts and love, and connect with our families and our social tribes. This is where life is most real, where attention is focused on this little (and big) part of the journey itself.
I am doubly excited as I get to paint my beautiful sister too! This is the way I love to help women mark this time and celebrate their excitement and the wonder of their body’s incredible journey. :D:D:D
Hopefully I will get to share a pic or two next week, until then: 🙂

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