August 2010

How to be Alone

Just absolutely love this


I hold this wisdomIn my skinThe Knowing UniverseGuides withinFlows as LoveEncompassingThrough tender thoughtsThat turn to synTo reach and touchAnd light againThe long spent starsWhere we beganIn response to Beginning this weeks OSI prompt

I breathe in the breezeThat brings you to meAll wisdom and wildness and something set freeYou spill over edgesOf realitiesand the EverythingThat cannot contain you.I am small and relentless, intensely myselfAs I turnInside beautyAnd staggering depthsI endlessly breathejust to stretch... Continue Reading →

Golden Cube

A golden cube of solid joyTurns rays of light toward merefracting through suspended breathThe full spectrum of beautyExpanding then, in every cellA brightening glow of lifeThe tantalised exquitenessReleases with my breath

I feel my bootsand push my rootsdeeper into Herbalancingand drawing onsolidity of earthIn my mindI clearly seewhat I had done beforeand tenderlywithdraw my rootsfrom those that I adore


Quiet tired headache in my heartspreads its motion sickness scentsinto muscles and exhausted eyesthat blame and blame and blameme.

and a new earth

Will rave more about Wirrow at a later (or more sensible) time ...for now, this latest video is a must share 😀


I'm a connoisseurOf the airOf the vibesEternally awareOf your hidesAnd your liesOf the rise in emotionsYou so passively guiseI am a connoisseurYes, I'm a connoisseurWell trainedIn my artOf eternal shell steppingAnd avoidance of hurtPracticed in caringTo the point I'm inertSo... Continue Reading →

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