December 2009

Loving Reflection

The glowing garden I walked in was full of the most impossible light, I could feel it shining through my cells into the centre of my body so that I felt as insubstantial as the air around me. The beauty... Continue Reading →

Symphony of Science

There is really a lot of amazingness out there at the moment! I'm quietly having the most excellent ending to 2009... I was really feeling un-prepared a few days ago...I still have a very odd sensation that there has not... Continue Reading →


Reading your writingIs a physical experienceIdeas stepping off the pageInto my awarenessSetting offA cascade ofrecognitionacceptanceLoveSometimes what I seeIs a hole in the logicA space that lets the LoveAnd MysteryFall throughAnd ideasRush through meTo bridge the gapReaching toThe beautiful underlying structureOf... Continue Reading →

I am a little dumbfoundedBy the divergence of my lifeFrom what I had imaginedI have done things I never thought I wouldAnd never did the things I thought I dreamt ofThere's a sadness to those thoughtsAnd more than a touch... Continue Reading →

Been listening to the gentle warm tones of Leonard Cohen tonight! This one is so beautiful:Suzanne is perhaps my favourite song of all time, usually as performed by Nina Simone, but Leonard's version is beautiful too.

Love from Kathleen Keating

Wishing you Love from me too.I have stumbled, pushed, pulled,and directed my whole lifetoward the expansion of my divine humanity,an inner largenessthat keeps spreading my soul before meand expanding my spirit around me.Something closed and cold withinkeeps turning me toward... Continue Reading →

Grateful for Gillette

Came across this yesterday...exactly when I needed to! It's from the often deeply refreshing, interesting and nurturing blog Ex-Courtesan in Transition (again)I BelieveThat things can change.That they do so in their time. Their time.That we can rejuicify and re-ignite our... Continue Reading →

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