There is really a lot of amazingness out there at the moment! I’m quietly having the most excellent ending to 2009…
I was really feeling un-prepared a few days ago…I still have a very odd sensation that there has not been a year between the end of 2008 and now!
Whenever I’m in a car on a motorway, which isn’t very often, I get a very solid sensation that my existence is really just that continuous moment in the car on my journey…that everything else I experience on one turn-off or another, for one day/week/month or another, is in it’s own timeless bubble of existence. That regardless how long it appears I have lived between each motorway journey in reality it is less than a blink of time.
That is how I felt standing looking in my bathroom mirror this morning, less than a blink since the end of 2008…feeling super aware of some underpinning moment.

Through one of John ‘Halcyon’ Styn’s blog posts (a beautiful one may I add) he shared this video which in turn I share here. The video comes from Symphony of Science a musical project by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Enjoy ♥

And this one just fit so in with my headspace at the moment that I had to share this one too!

♥♥♥Wishing you a Love Filled Wonderous New Year!♥♥♥