Circles In The End.

What is there here? Feeling such grief Holding onto something Perhaps so long since gone That it cannot be recalled. I know what it was Was a beginning A start point A departure from what was. So in this now... Continue Reading →

Favourite Walk

Such a privilege Watching growth Long limbs Reach elegant heights The heart finding notes Overseen by life

Symphony of Science

There is really a lot of amazingness out there at the moment! I'm quietly having the most excellent ending to 2009... I was really feeling un-prepared a few days ago...I still have a very odd sensation that there has not... Continue Reading →

The motorway

Taken by my mum at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Everyone is taking it in turns to be ill...Again! ...I'm trying to refuse to be ill. This has been an amazing week where Thursday felt like Saturday, Friday felt like Sunday, and... Continue Reading →

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