June 2009


Now I've worked out how to follow blogs I'm loving how easy it is to browse through all the gorgeousness and news!

Looking for a Shot

I haven't even looked back to see how long it's been since I posted (I'm working toward this being an entirely guilt free zone)...I just know the particular shade of blur my life has been recently and it's decidedly lacking... Continue Reading →

Phototastic Birthday Anime!

Go off to meet up at the station (I'll point out here Tom that THE shoes stayed on for a total of eight minutes!) Decide which way London is well enough to get there... hang out on a bridge across... Continue Reading →

Tom’s Bar!

We took Tom in to Brighton... and found Tom's Bar! It was right up his street art wise as well. We took pictures of only a fraction of what was on the walls...My sister took this one of the dark... Continue Reading →

What’s new pussycat….

Aren't they sweet! It's my first attempt at animals.I did this for a friend's Birthday, just in time I might add! Talk about loving a deadline, I'm trying to work out why I do things in the last three days... Continue Reading →


Just have to take a moment to offer up Huge Gratitude for the gifts life is bringing me at the moment!After already receiving the feast of rich and wonderful talks presented by Jennifer McLean through her Healing with the Masters... Continue Reading →

Heart Space

I've done it....I deleted a post!There's a first time for everything, and it's a freeing feeling!I never got round to the giveaway (though I did create one of the oddest pieces I've ever created whilst trying!) and the post about... Continue Reading →

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