I haven’t even looked back to see how long it’s been since I posted (I’m working toward this being an entirely guilt free zone)…I just know the particular shade of blur my life has been recently and it’s decidedly lacking in a splash of blogginess, mine and every body’s I love to peruse.
My life blur is usually shot through with Vibrant Turquoise, Mellow Yellow, Loving Pink and Peaceful Green. Thoughts and ideas of lovely souls on this planet other than my immediate kin…and I feel less sane, less rich without them.
Life is full though, of other beauties and thought provocation, other Energisers and Serious amounts of Sunshine (well for England at least!) and a seemingly constant barrage of shop, clean, cook completely unrevealed by my unkempt house…beginning to wish I’d found the pennies and space for Leonie and Lisa’s de-cluttering fest!
Okay I’m off to get my fix, soak in some inspiration and work out what’s next in the mix.