following the dream

Written Voice

Writing gives us back our voice When our tongue has been sold Into service of society Into service of moral constructs And family agreements Writing In its silent flow In its secret meditation Threads a delving line Attaching us to... Continue Reading →

Golden Garden

Golden Garden A 3hr live stage body paint at QQW Model: Betty Nails Photographer: Dolly Rocket The best of times live painting at the QQW (As ever!:P)

filled with the buzz

 When I think of youI am filled with the buzzThe excitementOf self exploration.Quite simplyThere are aspects of meI did not know existedUntil there was you.

 This is new path. Things are changing and the story becomes unpredictable; it has to, to allow new things to happen.If the highest growth is desired, then life needs to be faced, where there are no known parameters;safety and feelings of safety... Continue Reading →

Not sure if I'm going to use this journal or the hopewitch one, longer term....the two are linked for me to different times and dreams...I began the hopewitch account when trying to find a safe space for my poly thoughts...and... Continue Reading →

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