Not sure if I’m going to use this journal or the hopewitch one, longer term….the two are linked for me to different times and dreams…I began the hopewitch account when trying to find a safe space for my poly thoughts…and now I’m allowing art, artist, earner, self-believer to grow.
I don’t write so much now though….so many words have tumbled out of my feelings over the years, but they turned into shapes and colours a few years ago now….perhaps when I realised there were no answers to life’s questions… just living….and when life’s ecstasies became more bearable and flowing…when I learnt to allow them to exist into the universe through experiencing them, an experiential conversation with the all that is. I still like to read my old ramblings though. They transport me.
This journal, hopefully, like the last, will help me stay on track…help me see clearly the continuity of my thoughts and desires. 
And hopefully it will hold a little world for me to grow in and play in.
expect randomness, big spaces and lots of mistakes.