Golden Light

Body Paint Painting!:P

Had a play this week and painted a picture of a body paint, with body paint!:D

Freedom of Forgiveness

All is forgiven and there is nothing to forgive. Forgiveness, forgiving, is the fathomless connection; wherever we forgive, we are One. Beyond hope of things being right, beyond the ideas we hold about ourselves and others, is where we are... Continue Reading →

Golden Garden

Golden Garden A 3hr live stage body paint at QQW Model: Betty Nails Photographer: Dolly Rocket The best of times live painting at the QQW (As ever!:P)

The thing I want backis the laughter...From my time of feeling free and clear and understanding. From my time of seeing and hearing the patternsAnd dreams...From my knowledge that allhas a good side and bad side.From my time of feeling more me.I want the laughter. The... Continue Reading →

 And yet I am the flameand each and all of the starsthat witness it and each other.

Once on paper When you come into infinity, you are at the end only to find yourself at the beginning of everything. Whatever fear you have, it is not founded in truth. From here I know everything....I can hear and... Continue Reading →

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